Knocked Consignment Agreement

Thank you for choosing Knocked to consign your gently use maternity, nursing , post natal  and baby wearing items. We ask that all of our consigners carefully review and sign this agreement. If you have any questions please call 403-809-6601

-Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price of the item sold though Knocked. 
-Prices are determined fairly by Knocked based on the brand and to sell your items quickly.
-At any time Knocked can choose to put your items on sale. 
-We may decide that not all of your items are a right fit for our store.  You have the choice to collect the items we choose not to sell in our store within 5 days from when we email you.  After the 5 days any items not picked up will be donated to a charitable organization.
-After 6 months if your items have not sold they will be donated to a local charity. 
-Payout to our consigners are made by request via e-transfer over the amount of $20, or any amount as a store credit.
-We do not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to your items due to fire, theft or any other reason. 

By completing the form below you agree to the consignment terms and conditions as outlined above by Knocked.

Would you like to collect the items we wish to not sell? *Please check one